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It is a known fact that my existence is considered a problem by the higher beings of intellect.

We were both Created for a purpose, we both were given souls, I kept to my role, I bred, worked, ate what I was naturally meant to do . I am who I am and this is the reason for me being hated.

I am a Cockroach. And I believe I have a innate purpose on this planet since 320 million years of evolving my radio active resistant body to the fear of Man .

It’s shocking to me that I do have a family, I do reproduce, I have a social life, and when I feed I am squashed like I am nothing. Why are we considered as pests? Have we taken over the world? build into the habitats that are not ours? wiped out other spices just to reproduce more of ourselves? No, that is not us, that is you, then shouldn’t we have the teaching of wiping you out on sight instead? “because then you will become a problem later”

It’s only through the will of mother nature that we have evolved faster than you cruel methods of trying to eradicate us, not knowing in your little short sighted minds of what balance we hold for this planet since we saw you swinging around in trees till date.

Do you feel like you have lost your natural path of conserving the planet as its guardians over you lust for power and dominance? Does it not bother you that when you look at my kin the first instant programmed thought that arrive in your mind without guilt is “kill” ?

Numbing your soul to life, that is the purpose of your leaders, you dont even like your own if they have a different color, then maybe you could learn a thing of 2 from us “insects” as you say.

Respect us.

– Asad