I have been hearing stories from people living in Europe traveling to India for its beauty, richness of culture, history, hospitality and peaceful people.

Then I hear them tell stories to each other about how people shit next to each other on the train. I am quite appalled by this to the point I had to write and get this out to my fellow advert-manufactured-brained-non-God-fearing- homo-sapiens.

So hey, being an Indian is an issue with people around the world. A couple of reason I can think of .

  1. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launched its Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) on November 5, 2013. It was successfully inserted into Mars orbit on 24 September 2014. India’s ISRO is the fourth space agency to reach Mars, after the Soviet space program, NASA and ESA.[35] India became the first country to successfully get a spacecraft into the Martian orbit on its maiden attempt.
  2. 2nd largest exporter of rice and sugar, yeah your coffee and dishes are thanks to the dirty Indians, so do you think you consume shit? if you do, then you should have a problem with the creator of your food , now should you?
  3. India lets you be clothed, although the most of them may not be, shouldn’t you be thankful in the least kind of way to atleast grant them dignity of the work they do for your spoiled ass?
  4. Capture

Now just a small comparison of the back ground of the people spittingĀ  out insults to Indians although they love India.

  1. Brazil [has never reached the moon,had a declining economy, and has only offered the world samba and infidelity as a gift]
  2. nor has Europe reached Mars, let alone orbit it , they produce nothing of their own except tea, which also BTW they buy from India, re-brand it under HER Majesty the Quirk and sell it back to the world pretending they has anything to do with it, fur coats yes, leather shoes yes, but you where this is going, heartless mechanics of making money..

Then how, do make me understand, that they feel superior to the more intelligent, more economically stable and the 4th largest military power on the face of this planet? … I am quite confused.

So please, if I hear another note from anyone about Dirty India, make sure you don’t visit it, don’t meet Indians , don’t eat rice, don’t put sugar in your coffee, don’t look at Mars or anything beyond the moon, don’t eat rice, and please do walk about naked, because when you talk shit about such a civilization, you are naked to me already with no dignity at all to support your single digit intelligent quotient .


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