You have eaten an ice cream , but you have never starved for a few days and watched someone eat.

You have walked in a stroll , but you haven’t walked by people screaming of fear on the floor from a recent explosion.

You have been hurt , but you have not felt the cries of a beast for its fawn which she watches skinned alive.

You have had the sense of belonging , but you haven’t really found a home .

You feel like I will take away your wings, but you haven’t felt the wind beneath your wings that I sweep.

You have looked into the darkness of people afar, but you haven’t been able to face the darkness of the closest of kin .

You may feel I trust you not, but you haven’t sliced me open and seen the glow of my longing .

You have made a course of hate , but you haven’t seen the love that wants to protect you.

Of all the things to least to worry of is love , because you don’t need to see it. It has never been seen.

Like God.