Timbuktu Script Sneak Peek
The Brown University Library received a unique donation in 2014 from the Yattara family of Atlanta (by way of Timbuktu, Mali) of an enigmatic Arabic manuscript. After initial study this item, consisting of some 150+ folio pages contained in a loose, tooled, leather binding, was revealed to comprise several related, yet distinct, treatises on various topics concerning magic, numerology and other mystical sciences. Evidence suggests its production in this fabled West African center of scholarship and learning some time during the mid-19th century.

Ever since we open our minds for absorption, we are taught to define things.

What do you think goes on in a child mind when he sees a toy? he/she thinks “ah colors in a beautiful way” , then we teach him its a toy, its cheap/expensive, its available to him/not, if not then its more valuable, and if broken, a part of his/her happiness should be gone. We objectify our children into believing this . This definition and the stained innocence causes all the racism and differentiation in mankind based of definitive beatification of a persons livelihood.

Branding is another powerful tool used to leverage the definition of objects and classification , then comes bills, that measure the energy you withdraw for happiness or existence.

Some would challenge this school of thought and say ” well do you have a better way to make the word go round?” my answer would be “no”, this would be obvious because the entire civilization was made over math, and geometry, and everything built was built with definition. In order for me to change this, I would have to wipe our the human race and then reboot the planet, this is how far I feel in my personal small opinion that we have come.

How do you find the loop hole in the forward pushed, don’t look back, leave your partner if he/she is heavy mentality? For this you will have to travel backwards in time and try and look for something that everything is build around. The center of chaos always has a peaceful being sitting there sipping tea, waiting to be found.

For me, this was the geometric entity called the “point” or “dot” or “.” (however , questioning minds of different paths may have found this in other means/ forms/ energies/ paradox).

Perhaps this is also the reason I never did wish to study math at all and failed the subject till 12th grade where I was told I either work in a tea shop or become a computer science engineer.

Triangles, Pythagoras theorem, Orbits, size, measure, distance, momentum, price, volume and pressure are all based on the Point. They all have definition, they all have laws build around them that we must follow and we must abide by. But what truly makes everything a laughing stock in my head is that they could never define a point but went on to build laws, theorems and systems that exists without definition? Or did they know something we did not?

By default ” The point is undefined ” , there is a reason they left it undefined, its to never let your mind be satisfied with the sate of “not being part of ” . The state that helps you disconnect you from the world. A person not connected to this worlds system is a problem.

Euclid in his book The Elements, which is the prime example of an axiomatic system from the ancient world, defined the point.  [This version of the Elements is based on Heiberg’s Greek edition which is based on pre-Theonic editions, and is, therefore, relatively authentic ]

The description of a point, “that which has no part,” indicates that Euclid will be treating a point as having no width, length, or breadth, but as an indivisible location.- so something without attribute, rather something without the need to be attributed.

If this tickles your brain, then you could be my friend.