It is deep and strong

Confused with possession

By a child and spouse.

To be that fearful of things that may hurt

the ones that are closes to our hearts

Means are used which are not the best

The intent is to protect.


This is a circle that has a thickness

the method to align is to spare the thickness of the circumference

naught to break and find another circle to be in.


The birth of a parent who is aggressive in protection

To the birth of the spouse who is making circles for you

There is no death of love or trust or loyalty

The only fear of loss.

It is driven by love

Not for hate

Not for darkness

For company when darkness surrounds us.


For eons we see the Moon shine

The brave Moon without light

Yet it shines through the eclipses

And we smile holding hands at it in the end.


My method is wronged

My heart in sorrow

My Soul yours.