Red book : Jung

We find Divine in the smallest of things, as an act, an ant helping another ant get back to its nest. And in the largest of things, as an act of  a being sacrificing themselves for another.

God made man with 71 aspects of himself, except for the last 72nd one, as attaining that aspect would invite man to Godhood.

When a person is wronged, the aspects of piety, anger , anxiety grow and dominate .

When a person makes love , the aspects of light, purity, giving, taking , peace flow.

It is simple enough to understand that Aspects become dominant over a person due to a situation or circumstance.

This is why people are different . They are not different because of their genes, their birth, their passports or bank accounts, although the Free Mason driven world of fake entertainment would like you to see otherwise.

So now we know that semi-Divinity is a state of a ratio of all 71 aspects formulated in the correct magnitude. It is not the loss on one, but the keeping of all but feeding the right aspect.

When a man gives into the weaker aspects of creation, lust, dilution of consciousness by substance abuse or mundane hangouts , they are honing the wrong aspects of being a greater being.

I have met a very big entity in my life.  She is immense.

To see her in the purist form of Divinity is an awe, its a sight you cannot hold without your eyes tearing.

In this woman, I found the most beautiful aspect of spiritual vibrations honed. Love.