we-are-not-human-beings-having-a-spiritual-experience lack of intelligence, unintelligence, foolishness, denseness, brainlessness, ignorance, mindlessness, dull-wittedness,

We may accept that the norm is to shun stupidity. It is a word used since school-days as something weak and under valued. A notion of non-objectivity. An Act without logic or purpose so to say.

I would reckon it is the most valuable part of the human character. “logicalessness”

Without stupidity  ;

We would not have found ways to clean the Eco-system had we not  polluted the planet in the first place ;

We would not have revised our religion over the years and come up with better doctrines and more detailed literature to form the protocol of human behavior,  socialism with spiritualism;

We would not have switched to natural gas, solar, or Geo-thermal energy had we not had a Homer Simpson @Duh@ moment after turning the icebergs into water [however , earlier global warming would have saved the Titanic… but it did not, a Joke by Mother Nature? ];

This is a very important moment, the Pivot of looking at the road to structure as  2 way not a one way street built on stupidity and correct logic. Both are evenly required if not less or more to attain an objective of the higher motive ;

Haven’t you ever heard that voice inside you say, okay so I have don’t the wrong, why don’t I now do the right ? Yes, that’s the theory of people wanting to back pack and do silly things over their trip to go back and be this amazing “normal person back home ” ;

If you have heard it, felt it, had a reflection in your mind after you read that , Point proven.

We were meant to be a trial % error % fix % test species.