There are a number of things that subject any entities existence, a molecule exists due the internal cohesive force of its electron and photons attracting each other within its atoms…

What makes an intelligent [or unintelligent ] organism alive then, beside the fact that there is a cellular reaction going on them that  makes them multiply cells , consume, excrete ?

Among the stage of Birth- Living- Death. we are thinking now about the middle part of the journey of any living organism, on any level of complexity of existence.

For most living being the general cycle of birth- life – death suffice to be called living.

However, for the unbalanced intellectual being such as a homosapien , it eludes itself into finding the meaning of existence by clinging to an idea, an emotion , or a purpose.

  1. The lowest of these existence is the existence of the emotional kind, as this is a direct derivative of the hormonal balance and inclination of the person on a very personal level. The element of this are :  love, hate, war, lust, greed , anger
  2. The second elevation of living is the life of a purpose. The purpose could be to reach a goal, to live by certain social or religion standard / protocols. It could even be the a way of living , gangsters, mafia, politicians, noblemen lineage . There there is a purpose that they live by and either they are in a cycle of living with themselves in the purpose to achieve [ unending business transactions, etc etc ]
  3. An idea is immortal, it makes our memories immortal, we become the step that drives the rest of the beings into a higher form of purpose and even sprout idea drops along the way , this is the highest form of living, and there is a lot of sacrifice of emotions and derivation from the original purposeful path that was laid out for them . They explore the unknown and step where none have before, there by giving them acute depth in the knowledge of life and experience of living.idea.jpg

As V said it, V: Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy. And ideas are bulletproof.